Looking forward to the Dracula Dossier.

From Pelgrane Press’s site:

As currently constituted, you may recall, The Dracula Dossier comprises two books: Dracula Unredacted, Bram Stoker’s suppressed after-action report on the 1894 Operation Edom attempt to recruit Dracula as an asset for British Intelligence, further annotated by three generations of MI6 agents and analysts; and the Director’s Handbook, which provides the 54 disreputable NPCs, 16 devious Nodes, and 13 dubious Objects (all those numbers will increase with stretch goals, obviously) to which Dracula Unredacted provides the clues. Each of those entries has three different states (usually some variation of “Innocent, Edom, or Conspiracy”); the 30 dangerous Locations each have two states (“Cool” and “Warm”); so there are a total of 309 different Encounters in the Director’s Handbook alone. And that, like I said, is before we start adding stretch goals, like, oh, the Order of the Golden Dawn, or Iceland, or Elizabeth Bathory. Ooops, I’ve said too much.

Seriously looking forward to this one.  Obviously, it’s a roleplaying game supplement (Night’s Black Agents, which is a game – unsurprisingly – that combines the spy genre with vampires); they’ll get the Kickstarter for it running eventually, I’m sure.


  • Spegen says:

    Moe, if your looking for something in the horror RPG/boardgame category: check out Folklore:the Affliction. It’s being produced by a friend of mine, met its funding already but has cool stretch goals.

  • jackson6644 says:

    It gets better: for the Kickstarter, they plan a supporter level where you get a hard copy of Stoker’s Dracula with the “hand-written” notes of the in-game agents in the margin explaining what really happened.

    Am definitely waiting for the Kickstarter, though in the meantime hoping my G+ group will want to give The Zalozhniy Quartet a whirl.

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