Quote of the Day, This Is Not Actually Evidence That The West Is Doomed edition.

Jonah responded to this

When so-called Islamic State destroyed historic sites in Iraq, I was wary of making judgments of other cultures, and gave these exuberant young men the benefit of the doubt.

…with this:

But I like to take a more optimistic view.  You see, Stewart Lee is not actually of the West: he merely lives here. This also applies to the people who will react favorably to Mr. Lee’s first sentence sentence.  Something to keep in mind if we ever need to set priorities on who gets seats on the lifeboats.


  • Antoninus Pius says:

    wonder how he reacts to people being thrown off buildings or burned alive inside a cage. and as far as the beeb, it’s still socialism in one country – theirs.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    Why do so many members of the Left look like lemon-sucking sour-pusses?

    Why don’t any of them look like they are happy and having fun?

    Oh. Never mind that.

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