My piece on Uber in Broward County, Florida is up.

Found here. Short version: the county commissioners over there like taxi company money. The big question is whether they’d like Uber pulling out of the area.

2 thoughts on “My piece on Uber in Broward County, Florida is up.”

  1. Nice article, Moe. So typical of Broward.

    I like the concept of Uber but have a hard time with any company that hired David Plouffe. And now they’ve picked up a Clinton guy, Matt McKenna. It’s just my thing but I won’t use ’em.

  2. Moe, you are actually missing the point. It is not just the matter of ride-sharing. All these regulations crowd out a one guy traditional taxi cabs too. I worked for a taxi company in the Orlando area once and while they were cool, they got paid no matter what you did. Uber is just another cab company in a way. I wouldn’t mind starting my own cab business, but I am caught between big government and monopolistic companies.

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