This… pretty much says it all.

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to go tell a group whose fundamental beliefs you’re targeting in the courts that no, really, you’re really into them. As long as they stop being religious in a way that you don’t like. At what point will Barack Obama realize that he’s not actually a charming sort of fellow?

2 thoughts on “This… pretty much says it all.”

  1. … how soon do you think the media and the Dem leeches will let their Icarus fall back to earth?
    I’m thinking 2018 is going to be a hell of a year for ol’ Barry.

    so·ci·o·path: a person who lacks a conscience and does not care whether he harms other people. Many sociopaths are also sadists. Sociopaths often are charming and charismatic, but they think mainly of themselves and often blame others for their misdeeds and mistakes. They have a complete disregard for rules, lie constantly, and seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.

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