Where to place Mitt Romney in the next Cabinet? – Well, SecState works.

So, basically, Mitt Romney’s on the short list for Secretary of State.

Those that have spoken with Romney say the pain and introspection over his 2012 loss hasn’t completely subsided. In February, during a private dinner at Adelson’s home before a group of Jewish Republican donors, the former governor held forth on foreign policy, analyzing the turmoil abroad. “He said he wished he could be president, because he wanted to deal with these problems,” said one person in the room.

At other times, he seems to reflect on his failings as a candidate. “In my case there were a long list of mistakes. So which one is at the top I can’t judge,” he joked lightheartedly to reporters on Friday.

Personally, I’m fine with installing the man as SecState. Mitt Romney is, personally, a decent and honest man; and the last three years have demonstrated that he was an eerily accurate prophet on foreign policy trends. Plus, putting him in that slot means that the next President will need to raid the pool of sitting Republican legislators and governors for Cabinet talent.  This is nothing to sneeze at; Barack Obama blighted a remarkable amount of Democratic talent with his Cabinet picks. I’d prefer that we not make the same mistakes.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “Where to place Mitt Romney in the next Cabinet? – Well, SecState works.”

  1. I’d rather have someone like John Bolton as Secretary of State. Bolton is more inclined to call a spade a spade.

    1. I agree with Bolton for SecState. Romney for Commerce maybe. Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General.

      1. Commence or Labor, maybe even Defense.
        But not State.
        Sadly, our next SecState is going to need to be feared. And I don’t think Willard has it in him.

        1. Mitt can be Ambassador to the United Nations, then.
          Bolton can be SecState.
          Let them work out how to divide up the authorities, and how the good-cop bad-cop routine works.

      2. Romney for Treasurer, Luis Fortuno for Commerce, Rudy can have his pick either DHS or DOJ, maybe one after the other.

  2. Absolutely. Not only does he speak forthrightly and with clarity, in line with middle of the road Republican foreign policy, his management skills would be a necessity in cleaning up soggy bottom.

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