Tweet of the Day, …Pretty Much, Yeah edition.

I’m staying out of the primary as much as possible, but I do agree with Iowahawk, here.

Scott Walker almost should put that quote up on his website.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Pretty Much, Yeah edition.”

  1. Politicians will always acquire enemies. The art is acquiring the right enemies. Walker has some of the right enemies, as do Trump and Cruz.

    1. Telling “right” enemies from “wrong” is, of course, more complex than “if they’re dead or stupid or both then they’re the right ones” .. but it’s a good start.
      (and yes, Trumka falls into the “stupid” camp …I’m hoping he falls into the “stupid enough to have broken a law” camp, but that’s just my sunny optimism talking)

      1. I assume there’s broken laws inherent in his position. That his “stupid” might someday extend to leaving evidence would be a special blessing.

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