Weird. Uber sent me a work-for-us form letter?

It was clearly a form letter, but I’m kind of wondering why. I mean, I’ve used the service and I like it – but that’s the thing, right? If I had a car, why would I be using Uber? I mean, the only times that I have used Uber is when I dropped off my car at the shop and I needed to get back home. Which is arguably itself a reason why I shouldn’t drive a car for Uber: all of the ones that I’ve seen have been in pretty dang good condition.

As I said: kind of weird. Great service, though. I recommend it for anybody who doesn’t like paying through the nose for a regular cab.

5 thoughts on “Weird. Uber sent me a work-for-us form letter?”

  1. I wonder if they have bots scrounging for references to “loss of personal income” in your posts or something. Or more likely they hit up people who have used the service as a source for new drivers. They only need a few of the form letters to pay off and it’s more or less free to do.

  2. I’ve gotten one, about a month ago.
    I was tempted to call them and point out that I live in rural Idaho.
    Of course, they’re advertising for drivers on the radio, so I suspect they already know. (And I guess it’s a better business model for the area than a normal taxi service. But I kind of feel sorry for anyone who is so disconnected from society than they have to pay someone to do them an occasional favor.)

  3. I work(ed) for Uber and I was picking people up all the time who had cars but were coming/going to places of alcohol consumption. And we get bonuses for recruiting. 🙂

  4. I look at their requirement and don’t qualify. My car is 11 years old, and drives fine. But they only want newer car.

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