That Star Wars Battlefront 2 single-player campaign trailer.

I’m having real trouble seeing why I’d want to play an Imperial without the Force, sorry.

Play a Sith? Yeah, I can get my head around the idea, although it’s not my first choice.  And I played the old Tie Fighter game and enjoyed it, as long as I made sure never to think about what I was doing. But, all joking aside: by the time of the second Death Star it was pretty clear that the Empire was bad, and it did bad things to people, and there’s a subtle, weird, but still real difference between playing an anti-paladin and playing a bully. That character in Battlefront 2 is a bully.

Moe Lane

PS: And just how many Battlefront series have there been over the years, anyway?

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  • junior says:

    It’s possible that the protagonist will switch sides mid-way through the campaign. They did that once before with the Force Commander RTS.

    Admittedly, it doesn’t really look like it based on the trailer. But it’s possible.

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