Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? How about Dragon Age: Origins? [UPDATE]

I’m only half-joking: Dragon Age: Origins is one of Bioware’s best games, and one of the best computer RPGs of the last decade, and it’s available right now on for five bucks. I suspect that most of my readers already have it, but the sales aren’t bad this week over there.  Sim City 3000 for $2.49, for example.  I’m half tempted to get it, despite the fact that Sim City 2000 ate about three months of my life…


Well, I resisted it.  Sort of.  I bought Sim City 4 instead.  Five bucks.

[UPDATE: My wife informs me that the post is incomplete. It should be the game, and time to play it. I have corrected the post.]

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  • Luke says:

    Just don’t get it for a console. It’s one long interface screw.
    If you ever wanted to get Alan Wake, this weekend is your last chance. The license for the music is expiring. As a last Harrah, it’s currently 90% off.

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