The Disney/Pixar ‘Edna Mode Retrospective.’

Presumably for The Incredibles 2.

I would love to know just what people went through in order to get in on that documentary, by the way. I imagine that there was a lot of maneuvering going on, behind the scenes: Edna probably looms high in the esteem of the fashion industry.  She is, after all, their superhero.  …No, think about it. Edna Mode is blatantly a metahuman.  She is, in fact, a Gadgeteer par excellence.  Or are we assuming that every fashion designer out there can make stylish garments out of reactive ballistic fiber and nanoweave silk?  They didn’t even have nanoweave silk until Edna came up with the stuff!

Not all heroes wear capes, is all I’m saying.  Especially when Edna’s around.

Moe Lane

PS: If The Incredibles 2 has lots and lots of Edna Mode in it I’m going to really enjoy that.

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