So, Secret World Legends Dev Stream today…

…I only caught part of it, but here’s some of what I heard:

  • The Tokyo board opens up Wednesday.  The creepy Japanese ghosts return!
  • The AEGIS system as we knew — and mostly hated — it is apparently gone. I don’t know how they’re going to make Tokyo progressively harder for all of us who have been grinding past Level 50 while waiting for the Tokyo boards to open back up.
  • The never-activated Outer Kaidan lair is supposed to be up and running along with Tokyo.  This is exciting, because it going to be the first truly new thing that we’ve seen come out for the Secret World since that godawful Halloween content last year.  It’s going to be interesting, running a lair raid with people who have absolutely no idea how to survive it.  I foresee many enjoyable total party kills.
  • Auxiliary Weapons are apparently coming back, although I think that there’s some kind of price tag on them. I don’t know if legacy Secret Worlders like myself will have to pay for them, but I rather badly miss my rocket launcher.  You could use it to propel yourself across the battlefield, which was very handy when you’re trying to avoid a demonic monstrosity making red circles on the ground*.  So I assume that I’ll be paying to get that back.

And that’s all I heard.  I know I have at least one other reader on here who plays the game, so if anybody else heard anything from the dev stream feel free to let me know in comments.

Moe Lane

*Pro-tip: when you’re playing an MMO, red circles on the ground are ALWAYS bad. No exceptions.  Red is bad, green bubbles are bad, electricity is bad.

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  • junior says:

    Didn’t catch the dev stream, so you know more than I do.

    I expected them to run the Venice storyline mission first, and then release Tokyo afterwards. But I guess it’ll be a simultaneous release.

    Unless they just skip the Venice mission entirely.

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