This will be my new Secret World obsession next week.

Spider-cycle mount!

Or, as I put it in comments during today’s Secret World Legends devstream:

Making all of the Bees say ‘Whut?’

This particular beauty leaves behind spider skid-marks when you turn on the turbo boost. I absolutely must have this cycle mount. If only because half of the people who saw it have pledged to get the mount, get the pet (also a giant spider) — and destroy them both, unused. Personally, I don’t get that. I mean, I’m not thrilled with spiders, either, but if it’s only on the screen it can’t exactly hurt me, right?

Moe Lane

PS: Also, definitely the Tokyo lair is next week.  We’re all gonna die! Seriously, even the developers managed to die while showing off the lair today, and they’re supposed to be immortal when showing things off. I can’t wait!

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