The Division 2 trailer.

Not as awesome as Cyberpunk 2077, but that’s OK.

I enjoyed The Division, despite not quite finishing it.  Which I suspect that I’ll end up rectifying in the next couple of months. I understand that the game has been refined considerably since the last time I played it.  This looks fun, although I hope that it’s primarily single-player.  I play other games for group content.

3 thoughts on “The Division 2 trailer.”

  1. Only played the first one briefly during a Free to Play weekend. I thought the story looked good.

    If the video’s accurate, then enemies won’t be bullet sponges this time around like they are in the first one. As for single player versus multi-player, I’m guessing that they’re going with another Destiny (and now Allegiance) competitor. The flare gun when they finished capturing the “control point” (i.e. the jet) suggests some sort of multi-player competitive thing to me.

  2. I picked up the first game a couple months ago. I’d heard it had gotten good, and wanted to see for myself.
    My willing suspension of disbelief does not stretch far enough to accommodate a normal human that I’ve successfully ambushed surviving two grenades and five headshots.
    Especially when my character is so darned fragile!

  3. Oh look. The blasted Christmas decorations are still up. That’s going to drive some people nuts.

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