The Constantine: City of Demons trailer.

I admit, the R rating startled me.

I mean, absolutely a Constantine animated movie should have an R rating.  And I know that the DCEU people have been playing around with R ratings for some of their animated works*.  I guess that I’m just surprised that they’re willing to go there.  The Hellblazer comic could get pretty messed up, sometimes.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t have time to watch all the stuff I want to watch already, honestly.

*Look.  Kids aren’t the ones watching some of these, honestly.  Just like they didn’t make Deadpool for twelve year olds.

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  • DemosthenesVW says:

    So, this looks like an expansion on the six episode web series from last year. I suppose I can give this a look. The important thing is, they continue to use Matt Ryan. Honestly, I don’t know who else could be John Constantine. He was a real breath of fresh air on Legends of Tomorrow last year…I can’t wait to see what he does aboard the Waverider this season.

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