The icky thing about this Baywatch remaster isn’t what you might think.

I don’t have an opinion on Baywatch itself.  I never watched it.  I also don’t judge people who did.  You like what you like, and if this was entertainment for people, well, I get a little annoyed when people judge me, you know what I mean? So a remaster and possible streaming isn’t a big deal for me.

But this is a little bit different: “They have also replaced 300 of the songs featured in the show with modern songs, with the help of composer Corey Larios.” …Yuck.  If there’s a better method of making absolutely certain that modern audiences are squirming on their seats, trying to figure out what the mismatch from what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing, I don’t know what that better method would be.

Am I exaggerating? I dunno, maybe?  But it’s a 90s show.  It should have 90s music associated with it.  And, contrary to popular belief, the 1990s and the 2010s aren’t actually interchangeable.  I am absolutely not saying that this would be anything like the nihilistic cultural butchery that happened to WKRP in Cincinnati.  But it’s not exactly a good thing, either.

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  • Jeff Weimer says:

    I was thinking WKRP too. That was…unfortunate.
    On the Gripping Hand, the sister of the female lead (also Playboy centerfold) to the spinoff series “Baywatch Nights” once worked for me.
    I don’t want to diagram that sentence either.

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