The ‘Good Omens’ NYCC teaser trailer.


Some things look different from the book, but: Yay! The first season of Good Omens isn’t coming out until next year, though.  That’s not so good, but whaddya going to do?

…No, I can’t go and steal the master tapes for the show and watch them.  I don’t know where the tapes are, what they look like, and even if they use actual tapes for this sort of thing anymore.  Oh, yeah: and stealing is wrong, of course.

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    I’m am not often given to outbursts of excitement, let alone those childish antics so often encouraged on the Intenet.
    I’ll make an exception here: *ahem*
    That will be all.

  • CWC says:

    David Tennant as Crowley is brilliant casting. The guy playing Aziraphale looks good too.

  • BigFire says:

    It’s just too bad they made this long after Freddie Mercury’s passing for him to do the Voice of Satan. (A joke the authors inserted. Crowley suggest to his superiors to get on with modern technology. He expected them to use stuff like telephone. Instead, Satan rather insistent on using his car’s radio and always during a Queen’s song and hijack Freddie’s voice in talking to him. I’m fairly positive that Freddie would be more than game to do those lines if he’s around).

    They do pick a good Queen’s song for this trailer.

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