‘Bat Out of Hell.’

I just put in this album this evening and let it unspool, man.

Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf

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  • Finrod says:

    Good choice. Do you have 2 (Back Into Hell) and/or 3 (The Monster Is Loose), by the way?

    • Finrod says:

      (The original is in my all-time top ten albums, fwiw.)

      • Finrod says:

        BooH 3 I have a love/hate relationship with. IMHO it has some of the best songs I think he’s ever recorded (The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be, Seize The Night, Alive) but others I just don’t want to listen to (Cry Over Me, If God Could Talk, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now).

    • Luke says:

      Agreed. Good choice.
      (Unless accompanied by a frosty barley pop, in which case, it was an excellent choice.)

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