‘Jolene.’ (Original)

Like I wasn’t going to play it.

Jolene, Dolly Parton


  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    Hey, Moe, have you seen this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojtX_Oz4WsU
    It’s 50 minutes long, but I think it’s utterly fascinating, and a lot of things suddenly make sense.

    • BigFire says:

      That channel have more to say about the entire Star Trek post Enterprise. Basically it’s amazing how things turns out.

      • Moe_Lane says:

        I will try to watch it when I’m not being distracted by the kids being home.

        • BigFire says:

          TLDR version. Due to how Summer Redstone structure his holdings (CBS and Viacom/Paramount), the rights to Star Trek franchise is dumped into CBS, whose former President Les Moonves absolutely hates. What he want is the associated licensing fee for the toys and other assorted products. CBS itself isn’t going to sprung for production of new Star Trek. Viacom/Paramount who really cared about Star Trek have to get a license from CBS in order to make new Star Trek anything, and they came up with a method of multiverse in order not to trampled on the original timeline and it’s licensee. Which is why we got JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot, which have since flamed out. The current Star Trek Discovery is a longer story to cover….

  • BigFire says:

    Now, play this song at .75 speed.

  • nicklevi86 says:

    Since we’re on this train, Ms. Parton did a re-mix of this with Pentatonix a couple years ago:


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