The ‘I Am Mother’ Netflix trailer.

Buddy of mine sent me this the other day. I Am Mother looks interesting:

Mind you, I suspect a twist. Or several. Or that the entire trailer is a lie, which is entirely possible these days. It’s so difficult to maintain tactical surprise in entertainment, these days: the reason why the MCU went to such trouble to do so is because they absolutely had to. Remember Terminator 2? I think it was Honest Trailers who pointed out that the great revelation in that film would have had an impact like a hammer if only they didn’t blurt it out in the trailers.

Anyway, I Am Mother is out June 7th.

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  • JustDave says:

    IMO the obsession with avoiding spoilers is way overblown. If a movie is ruined because you know what happens, it was never that good to start with.


    T2 is an excellent example here: it’s widely regarded as perhaps the best installment of the franchise, in spite of the fact that the trailer gives away a key plot point. I think it might actually diminish a movie to have an amazing surprise twist, since that moment of revelation could never be recaptured again.

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