Robert Pattinson to sparkle as Batman?

Well, then: “Sources tell Variety that Robert Pattinson is in negotiations to play “The Batman” in Matt Reeves’ forthcoming superhero film, which hits theaters June 25, 2021. While sources say it’s not yet a done deal, Pattinson is the top choice and it’s expected to close shortly. Warner Bros. had no comment.” (Via Facebook)


OK. Jokes about sparkly vampires aside, I dunno. I didn’t think that Ben Affleck would make a good Batman, either, and it turned out that he did. Or at least a good Bruce Wayne and Detective, and the rest of it can be blamed on weird scripts and, ah, interesting directorial choices. So maybe Robert Pattinson won’t be bad?



  • Aruges says:

    He’d need to beef up a bit at the very least, but honestly… his face is to British for the role.

  • Luke says:

    My first reaction was “Who’s that?”
    After watching people posting about it, all I know is that he’s an actor, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything he’s ever been in.

    • Rockphed says:

      He was Cedric digory in Harry potter and the vampire in twilight.

      • Luke says:

        Not helping.
        (Shrug) I liked the first Harry Potter Potter better when it was titled “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The second in the series was forgettable enough that I was never tempted to venture further. I think I saw the first movie, but it might just have been some of the omnipresent clips.
        As for Twilight… Seriously?
        I’d be slightly more likely to voluntarily watch The Backyardigans performing Hamlet in pantomime.

        • DemosthenesVW says:

          Comparing Harry Potter to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…wow. I mean, I’m sorry, but that’s just 100% nonsensical.

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