So, has Fallout 76 gotten better?

This suggests it. But… I stopped playing Fallout 76 because the whole thing made me sad. What was there to do? Everyone was dead, and there was nothing to be done to make meaningful the deaths of the people who died well. I could have just stayed in the Vault and let the air run out, for all that it mattered.

So is there any meaning to the game, now? Can you patch out baked-in despair at what the world has become? …And have they patched that goram firefly lighthouse mission that’s goram impossible for single-player? Because that one drove me up the goram wall.


  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    I can’t answer that question, since I never picked the game up, but I can, as I often do, send this your way if you’ve not seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjyeCdd-dl8
    I should note that at the end, he suggests that Fallout 76 getting better is a distinct possibility, invoking No Man’s Sky.

  • 1_rick says:

    My son just started playing again and says the game’s a lot less buggy.

    Although we saw something yesterday that would’ve completely replaced all those “NOPE” and “abandon thread” memes if his recording software had managed to catch it. A ghoul walking around on a platform under a bridge just turned and ran straight away from him. Through the platform rail and across the treetops until he disappeared. Funniest darn thing.

  • jeboyle says:

    That’s my problem with the game: everyone is dead and nothing you do makes a difference.

    And that stupid firefly mission got me so frustrated that I threw myself off the top of the lighthouse.

  • Luke says:

    While we’re talking about games being updated,I might as well give an Anthem update.
    The coming changes look solid, and the Cataclysm looks interesting (although completely different from the trailer tease). 2 week lead-up, 6 week event. New open world area, environmental damage timer, runs will be scored with leaderboards, defeating the boss before time expires acts as a score double. Gear aquired during the Cataclysm will have a marginally higher score, but across 13? (they’re increasing the number) slots a five point increase adds up quickly.
    No date for it yet.
    They’ve got a test server set up for PCMASTERRACE players to give feedback on potential changes.
    The new area will be available for normal freeplay after the event.
    They’ve fixed an awful lot of bugs, unfortunately, they keep introducing new ones. Since the last round of fixes, the results screen is still intermittently bugged, matchmaking has become unreliable (some of which could be due to declining census, but it makes it tough to grind on backup characters that aren’t powerful enough to reliably solo the randomized content), there’s now occasional lag stutter (which is new, and *very* unwelcome) , and too many explosions on screen (or maybe doing too much simultaneous damage?) can sometimes drop your connection (I currently main a melee colossus that daisy chains combo explosions. It’s an extreme build, and I haven’t noticed the problem on other classes/builds. But it’s so much *fun* to kite a wave and watch the domino explosions. So many pretty lights!)

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