‘Pachelbel Canon in D Major.’

Yup. Serenity Now.


  • Luke says:

    If you don’t want to make puppies sad, Monster Hunter:Guardian released yesterday.

  • i remember the first time I ever heard this, mid seventies. I was visiting a friend in her dorm room, when something began nagging at me. I finally figured out it was some dimly heard classical piece, and wandered up and down the hall looking–well, listening–for the room it was coming from.

    Finally, I knocked on a door. “What IS that?” “Pretty little thing, isn’t it?” And he showed me a record with a label I didn’t recognize. Wish I’d written it down. (Checks Wiki–I wonder if it was the Paillard Chamber Orchestra’s 1968 version, which is what launched the piece’s modern popularity.)

    I know it’s a cliche now, but it’s cliche for good reason–simple, beautiful.

    And thank you very much, all you cello players. I know you hate your eight notes–but trust me, they add immeasurably to one of life’s great but simple pleasures.

  • Luke says:

    As long as I’m threadjacking…
    Anthem had the Cataclysm go live yesterday. (And I didn’t hear about it until I did a search, because they’ve generally released information on Tuesdays.)
    The update is 12.15 GB.
    First impressions, only.
    The good:
    A lot of content.
    Loading screens have improved, and in some cases been removed entirely. (Still a bit worse than average, but it’s a big improvement.)
    New gear slot for melee is fun and interesting. (And the game gives ways to fill it without having to depend on RNG!)
    The Support slot now having Masterwork and Legendary items available is wonderful. (Unfortunately, RNG is hating my guts.)
    Drop rates HUGELY improved.
    The bad:
    NOT user friendly. Most of the new content is vague as to what you’re supposed to be doing, and a good chunk of it is puzzle-based without the ability to easily communicate with the rest of your tab.
    The end-of-expedition report still glitches on a reliable basis. Which is irritating.
    The game is still unstable. It occasionally crashes. (The second mission is long, and the server shut down with seconds left to go. I was not amused.)

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