The ‘Michael Pena’s taking a risk here’ FANTASY ISLAND trailer.

I’m not sure that rebooting FANTASY ISLAND as straight-up horror — or, sure, rebooting it at all — was the way to go, but here we apparently are.

If I do see it, it’ll be because of Michael Pena. I like the dude. I think that he should get a suit or something else cool in the next Ant-Man flick*. Maybe give him a super-power, hey? Even limited flying would be the best thing ever for the guy.

Moe Lane

*You realize, of course, that at some point someone will ask Luis what he did during the Snap. A hush will come over the theater when that blessed moment occurs. Because it will be sublime.

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  • Luke says:

    Dark and gritty reboot.
    Out of all the ambiguous and bittersweet directions you can easily take the concept, they took jump scare horror.

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