So, was FORD V FERRARI any good?

I was gonna skip it — I will not lie to you; if the choice is between a muscle car sports movie and a Disney superhero flick, well, I like superhero flicks more* — but I am given to understand that FORD V FERRARI makes certain people’s teeth ache. I am always interested about reports like that. They tend to reveal visual gems that I might not have otherwise seen.

Moe Lane

*That’s just how it is. I don’t like every genre of movie. Nobody does, and that’s great. It’s a big world and a free country.

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  • BigFire says:

    It’s very good. Almost as good as Rush from 2013, albeit different emphasis. Rush is about riverary between two F1 drivers. FvF is about independent privateers who got tasked by Ford to defeat mighty Ferrari. It has quite a bit about how a racing car gets developed despite executive meddling.

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