Quote of the Day, Proxy Mandalorian Spoilers-A-Go-Go edition.

This is an insightful point (ware spoilers at the link):

This episode is proof that [Jon] Favreau and [Dave] Filoni did what every boy in the ’70s and ’80s did, played a lot of Star Wars in their backyard sandbox. It’s a whose who of cool, but underutilized Star Wars action figures made real.


These two and their collaborators on this show, are the luckiest guys and gals in Hollywood right now. They’re making the show that millions of kids dreamed about as they played with their sun faded action figures in the backyard.

…but the really interesting thing there is the speculation at the end of the article as to… ah. More spoilers in there. Worth looking at, at least.


  • Luke says:

    This review makes me a lot more interested in watching The Lighthouse.

    • Mad Italian says:

      @Luke….I wouldn’t recommend it. The Lighthouse is not as good as that review implies. It had the potential to be very good, but it’s too choppy. And I don’t think the writer / director really focused on the best path through the story.After wstching the movie, I read a different review about the writer / directors infatuation with Jung / Freud and the whole p3nis / gay subtext obsession they had, especially Freud.

      There is a good psychological movie in there, the director just got too artsy and the potential just didn’t survive the editing process.

      • Luke says:

        (Sigh) So the trailer accurately captured the film. (Minus the gay subtext.)
        I guess that’s as good as we can expect from Hollywood.

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