The MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS teaser trailer.

I hate to say it, because the second and third movies sucked so much, but: MATRIX 4 RESSURECTIONS doesn’t look entirely awful. And, yeah, that worries me, too. The franchise’s rapid decay into uselessness has been a constant in my life — so what is reality, if bedrock is really this malleable?

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  1. Here’s the reality Moe, harsh as it may be.

    The problem isn’t just that the first two sequels were terrible. They were nonsensical and forgettable as well. Which is to be expected when the producers give incompetent mentally ill people free reign. That’s not hyperbole –
    the Wachowski brothers menu is a single strawberry amid a shit sandwich:

    Bound – cost less than 5 Mil and lost money

    Matrix – 63 Mil cost, earned @ 170% profit US (171 Mil)

    Matrix 2 – increased cost by 150% to 150 Mil, earned less than
    100% profit US (281 Mil)

    Matrix 3 – 150 Mil cost, lost money US ( 139 Mil)

    That steaming pile meant no work for five years.

    Then – Mind-bogglingly – three even WORSE performances.

    Speed Racer – 120 Mil budget, made back less than 40% in the US (43M) and didn’t even cover expenses worldwide (93 M)


    Cloud Atlas – 102 Mil Budget, less than 30% return US (27 M)

    Jupiter Ascending – 176 Mil Budget, 27% return US (47 M)

    Any Exec even talking to these failures should be fired, one who greelights them for work should be brought up on criminal charges.

    This is a track record of ONE lucky break, a sequel that suckered the public, and FOUR consecutive, High Profile, EXPENSIVE failures. There is nothing to pin hope on here. This pair of lunatics should never be trusted with a bus pass let alone a studio credit line.

    any. Any. ANY mild success the film might have should be properly credited to Keanu and his work in the John Wick series, but the big draw for those is the realistic nature of the series – long, (relatively) uncut fight scenes and practical effects – so even Keanu’s draw will probably be crushed under their lazy reliance on computer effects and general incompetence.

    Abandon the hope now Moe, it won’t hurt as much.

    1. I have to admit I really enjoyed the Speed Racer movie and have rewatched it several times. It has a solid family theme, some very fun action scenes, pulls in a lot of nice visuals, and has some interesting non-liner story structure elements. I think the movie is under rated.

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