06/23/2022 Snippet, THE THING IN THE AIRLOCK.

I better find an airlock soon to have the Thing be in, let me tell you.


“Yeah, it was murder.” Ward looked ready to spit. “Just don’t ask me why.”

“Let me ask you how, then,” Tobias looked over the corpse of Tam Stuart. It looked unmarked, but that didn’t mean anything. “How do you kill somebody this deep in biostasis?”

“Easy: you mess with the reagents keeping the stasis going. See this?” ‘This’ was several long IV lines, filled orange-brown liquid. “It’s normally supposed to be bio-luminescent green. Whoever messed with it disabled the door, too.” Ward gave a disgusted sound. “So many of the doors are on manual by now anyway, we didn’t catch on until it was too late.”

Tobias cursed. “And we didn’t have security cameras on the victim, because we got the guy who tried to kill him, right? Why bother?”