Moral/post-mortem/recap of the #fireboehner saga.

Robert Costa of NRO has the details*, and the short version is as follows: Americans Majority Action staffer Ron Meyer Jr. got caught up in an attempt to get rid of House Speaker John Boehner for Boehner’s refusal to play King Canute; this all went along reasonably until Meyer et al fell in with various disgruntled House Republicans with their own axes to grind; and hi-jinks, as they say, ensued.  End result: John Boehner 1, Disgruntled House Republicans 1, AMA 0.  Moral of the story**?  You can like politicians.  You can be friends with politicians.  You can even have a drink with a politician.  But you should never, ever, ever, ever blindly trust one when he or she tells you that of course something is going to happen.  If it was certain as he or she claimed, you wouldn’t have needed to be reassured in the first place***.

Here endeth the lesson.

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