Also, KNIVES OUT, but that’s more of a date movie. COLOR OUT OF SPACE is for me. I would have seen it in theaters, but the combination of limited release and distance suggested that it’d be cheaper all around if I just bought the Blu-Ray. Go figure.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t know what to expect, honestly. Except that Nick Cage will be very Nick Cage in this film. Don’t see how I can expect anything else, really.

The ‘Welp, it’s a Nick Cage movie all right’ COLOR OUT OF SPACE trailer.

And if anything’s gonna try to make a decent flick out of COLOR OUT OF SPACE, it’s gonna be a movie that hires Nicholas Cage for the main role. This trailer straight up has everything I expected to see. Does that mean that the movie’s good? Not at all. But it’s gonna try to hit the right notes, at least.