BREAKING: Current TV still existed, to be sold to al-Jazeera!

Shocking, I know. For those who don’t remember what Current TV is… how the hell did you manage that trick? I’d love to scrub this useless piece of trivia from my mental hard drive. Anyway, this description of Current TV says it all:

Former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Cenk Uygur are currently its lead personalities. Current signed Keith Olbermann to be its top host in 2011 but his tenure lasted less than a year before it ended in bad blood on both sides.

Why then, this is Hell; nor am I out of it.


Moe Lane


#rsrh No, conservatives probably shouldn’t go on Joy Behar’s new Current TV show.

Via Hot Air Headlines comes this encouragement by Joy Behar for conservatives to… hold up, this bit of self-description by Behar is too precious to pass by without special notice:

I am an informed American citizen, that’s my position. I read the New York Times, I read the Nation, I read Newsweek, I read Time Magazine, I read Politico, I read Mediaite. This is what I do!


For the record, I do not blame Mediate for being included in that particular rogues’ gallery: they were, after all, conducting the interview.  There was probably no way to avoid it. (more…)


#rsrh Hey! Jennifer Granholm is still alive! …OR IS SHE*? (“DUN-dun-dunnnh!!!!!)

(Via RCP) You remember her: she was the woman who, as governor, did her level best to drive Michigan so hard into the ground that it’d leave an impact crater.  Jury’s still out on whether she succeeded or not, alas… but anyway: she kind of hates Mitt Romney. (more…)


#rsrh So they canned @keitholbermann ‘s worthless tuchis again: no, wait, it gets better.

From TPM’s report about Current TV (it’s apparently a fringe Internet TV thing) dumping Olbermann:

In an open letter to Current viewers, the company’s founders, former Vice President Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, said the network’s values are “no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann.”

OK. Well, if it’s about values, then…

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who had recently filled in, will replace Olbermann starting Friday night, premiering his new program “Viewpoint.”

…Wait.  What?

Moe Lane


#rsrh If Current TV covers an Iowa caucus, and nobody watches it…

…pretty much independently of whether Keith Olbermann is on the program or not, the question then becomes: which flavor of coffee creamer should I pick up at the supermarket today?

Via AoSHQ Headlines.

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