Hawaii officially kills its state Obamacare exchange.

We knew that this was coming, but it’s now official: “Hawaii is taking its troubled ObamaCare insurance exchange off life support, the governor’s office announced Friday, the latest addition to a growing number of state exchanges forced to close after operations became unsustainable.”  And there’s the question that I have been meaning to ask about this entire situation: at what point are we – and by ‘we’ I mean ‘Democrats’ – going to admit that states apparently cannot reliably maintain their own Obamacare exchanges? Because, based on the way that blue-state exchanges have been imploding left and right, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that Republican governors were pretty smart to mostly avoid that nonsense.

H/T Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Remember: federal subsidies going away is a federal problem, not a state one. The administration decided that they knew best here, so they get to fix their own mess.  With all due speed. And I think that I speak for everybody when I note that further Democratic whining is inappropriate at this juncture…

State Obamacare exchanges contemplating combining to form Vol…untary multi-state exchanges.

This Hill article tries to obscure the basic problem a bit

A number of states are quietly considering merging their healthcare exchanges under ObamaCare amid big questions about their cost and viability.

Many of the 13 state-run ObamaCare exchanges are worried about how they’ll survive once federal dollars supporting them run dry next year.

…by going on to present a third-party allegation that states on the federal Obamacare exchange are maybe interested in joining a multi-state exchange as being a fact.  There’s plenty of states contemplating this, by gum!  The guy running the Connecticut Obamacare exchange wants you to know that you’ll be amazed by the names! …But he can’t tell you which states, because no bureaucrat has ever wanted to even slightly embarrass a Republican office holder, ever. Continue reading State Obamacare exchanges contemplating combining to form Vol…untary multi-state exchanges.