Throwing together some stuffing… [UPDATED]

I got a ton of stale bread, so I’m sauteing some chopped onions and celery in butter. Then I’m going to mix it in with some of the bread, add a can of chicken broth and some herbs de Provence, then cook it up for an hour. If it all comes out OK it’s lunch, and I make the rest of it tomorrow as part of dinner.  I feel that this is a viable plan.

Moe Lane

PS: I thought that I had sage, and I decided to skip apples this go-round because I don’t want to over-complicate matters.

[UPDATE]: An acceptable failure.  This stuffing required more onion, more celery, possibly an apple after all, and two cans of broth.  Mind you, what I got was edible: the lack of broth simply made this come out somewhat like savory toast, and that was an acceptable lunch.  There also has to be better mixing involved.  I am confident that this recipe will work as expected on the second go-round.


So, I have some leftover steamed red potatoes…

…not enough for a proper mash; but I also have a whole chicken for roasting.  I know that some of the people reading this can cook: does anybody have a good recipe for a potato-based stuffing?  Is there even such a thing?

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