#rsrh Quote of the Day, Tucker Carlson edition.

If you don’t already know, The Daily Caller bought the keitholbermann.com domain name and is now using it to flick Keith Olbermann’s left earlobe on a steady, but not quite regular basis.  Hi-jinks, as they say, ensued.  The quote of the day is not actually:

“Some might step back and allow Mr. Olbermann to drain his bladder on the first amendment – indeed, on the Bill of Rights itself,” said Carlson. “Not us. No, by God, not us.”


And in the meantime, Tucker Carlson may be reached at his personal email address, [email protected]

Honestly, you’d have thought that Olbermann would have bought the darn thing up himself. I guess that they only taught that sort of thing in the other Cornell…

Moe Lane


The Daily Caller goes live Monday.

…and I still don’t know whether it’ll succeed. The ‘sphere is littered with failed start-up news/opinion sites, after all. But they also got Jim Treacher, which shows a basic intelligence on the part of Tucker Carlson.

Guess we’ll start seeing Monday. One piece of advice: Go live Monday. Even if it looks bad; it’ll look even worse if they can’t even make the launch date.

(Background here; site here.)


:raised eyebrow: Jim Treacher going to work for Tucker Carlson’s new site?

If this is true – and forgive me for saying this, but this would be precisely the sort of epic-level joke that Jim Treacher’s so good at – then The Daily Caller might not actually suck.

I hope it’s not a joke: Treacher’s a good choice for the site, and he needs the creative room that a steady paycheck will give him.  But I’ll say this, though – I certainly hope that he wasn’t added for ‘balance.’  You don’t want to balance Jim Treacher.  You want to reinforce him.

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