Montana AG Tim Fox shoots down gun-shaming* attempts.

This should not be surprising.

Montana’s Attorney General Tim Fox has taken a stand against revealing the identities of concealed weapon permit holders.


Montana’s AG Fox, a Republican, said he had received numerous requests recently, mainly from media, for the names and addresses of those legally authorized to carry concealed weapons in that vast Western state. The requests sought all available information on the permit holder, including date of birth, employer, Social Security and state driver’s license number.

In a legal memo, Fox came down on the side of denying all those requests, ruling “that the privacy of permit holders exceeds the public’s right to know.”

Basically, AG Fox noted that the media likes to take this information and turn it into projects that try to gun-shame people who own firearms.  It doesn’t really work, of course; but then ‘working’ may not be the primary goal for advocates of the practice.  ‘Lashing out’ is probably more accurate.  Kudos to Fox for telling the Media to go take a hike…

Moe Lane

*Yeah, that description was picked with malice aforethought.  Hopefully, I’ll either get some incredibly huffy responses, or some extremely tortured attempts to flip it back on me.  Either will be good for a laugh.