Webcomics I admit reading.

I will be adding to this if, and when.

Bad Machinery. Schoolyard chums comedy – British-style! M-W-F.

Daughter of the Lilies. Heroic fantasy with a function moral sense! 3x (?) weekly.

Dresden Codak.   Transhumanism! Erratic.

Do-Gooder Press. PS 238 and Full Frontal Nerdity and Use Sword on Monster! …Kind of erratic.

Erfworld. RTS world! Twice weekly.

Freefall.  Sneakily amazing science fiction! M-W-F.

Girl Genius.  Mad Science! M-W-F. Purchase.

Grrl Power. Super-heroines, with subtexts/deconstruction, only not bad! M-Th.

JL8. DC’s Justice League as 8 year olds! Better than the movies! Not sure.

[Lovecraft is Missing is unavailable. RIP, Larry Latham.]

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things! …It’s complicated! Weekly.

Miss Melee.  Martial arts superheroines! With stable family lives! Weekly.

Order of the Stick. D&D!  Usually at least twice a week. Purchase.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Scientists acting badly! Daily.

Skin Horse. Errr… Wizard of Oz!? Velveteen Rabbit!? Daily.

Something Positive.  Misanthropy! Tries for daily.

Stand Still, Stay Silent. Post-apocalyptic Scandinavian-themed horror! M-W-F.

Sword Interval. Monster-hunting! Weekly.

xkcd.  Math!  M-W-F.

Widdershins! British historical fantasy that doesn’t suck! M-W-F.


16 thoughts on “Webcomics I admit reading.”

  1. Jump Leads — Multiverse travel! Deadly, deadly robots! erratic
    Gunnerkrigg Court — robots! elementals! psychopomps! MWF
    False Positive — Horror! TuThSa

      1. Well done sir! Do realize you are a “voice”, and our webcomics can use all the help they can get. Also, did you notice Do Gooder Press is doing a new comic, “Use Sword on Monster”? Pretty good.

  2. I would recommend Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether:
    I think it’s working towards an ending, which is good/bad.

    There’s also Legostar Galactica, which riffs on lots of different scifi- Star Trek, Star Wars, Lovecraftian horror, Dr Who… Started in 2002, so there’s a huge archive. Rarely uses salty language, but most of it is in the first month. I think.

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