Webcomics I admit reading.

I will be adding to this if, and when.

A Softer World.  Surrealism! Several times a week.

Bad Machinery. Schoolyard chums comedy – British-style! M-W-F.

Day By Day. Conservatism!  With cheesecake!  And pop references! Daily.

Dresden Codak.   Transhumanism! Erratic.

Erfworld. RTS world! Erratic.

Girl Genius.  Mad Science! M-W-F. Purchase.

Guilded Age. Gamer Humor! M-W-F.

Kitty Hawk.  Air Pirates!  Weekly.

Lovecraft is Missing.  Spooky Cthulhu Mythos! Twice weekly.

Order of the Stick. D&D!  Usually at least twice a week. Purchase.

[Questionable Content now dropped. Politics is politics, the c-word is something else again.]

Schlock Mercenary.  Ominous hummmmm! Daily.  Like a freaking machine.  For years. Purchase.

Skin Horse. Errr… Wizard of Oz!? Velveteen Rabbit!? Daily.

Something Positive.  Misanthropy! Tries for daily.

xkcd.  Math!  M-W-F.

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