One thought on “‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.’”

  1. Open thread?

    Assuming a universe following the trope where every decision is a fork with both branches in separate realities… how fast do they diverge?

    If someone gets caught in a crack, wobbling back and forth, how many other cracks could they end up seeing? Would they notice?

    Posit a George, an average person living an average 2010 life, living in an average 2000s townhouse, who notices that two light switches keep trading places…

    In one instance of reality, the left switch is the light over the kitchen island, and in another the left switch turns on the fixture above the dining table… and George sometimes observes, in the bleary pre-coffee mornings, that he knows the kitchen lights were on that side yesterday …

    Is another divergence in George’s future, or is this just faulty memory?


    p.s. George labels the switches.. this doesn’t help as apparently George bought the same label maker and had the same idea on both sides of the crack… the labels move too..

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