If you are a fan of the Pyrates Royale, check out this GoFundMe.

The Pyrates Royale were a favorite local band that did the Renn Faire circuit; as you might guess from the name, they were pretty heavy on the shanties and the nautical songs. A personal favorite of mine, in fact. And it turns out that one of the former band members is now in some financial trouble, so I dropped some cash her way.

As I said: it’s a good band, with good people. This is one of their albums, and it’s good. Worth tracking down.

@alyankovic Now offering digital remastered mega-box set.

The deadline for preorders is February 28.  All fourteen of Weird Al Yankovic’s previously-released (and now digitally remastered) albums, plus one additional album of “previously unreleased and non-album tracks.”  You can get ’em in either CD or vinyl, because vinyl is well and truly apparently coming back, at least for a while.  Vinyl is still more expensive; then again, the minimum price for getting all the music is going to be $200.

Which makes it a little rich for my blood, especially since I have most of these albums anyway.  Still, this is a very nice deal, what with the remastering and so forth. Check it out…