:yawn: Good morning, I’m going back to bed.

It seems very unfair that I should feel vaguely hungover after a concert, considering that I didn’t actually drink anything. Well, there was that one beer at the beginning. But then I switched to soda.

Good show, though (Flogging Molly). I missed those. Although I do need to work on my I’m just here for the concert, ma’am protective shell.

Moe Lane

PS: I did wish that they’d played this; oh, well.

Death Valley QueenFlogging Molly

SCA/Flogging Molly this weekend!

New baron and baroness stepping up, so everybody’s on deck to help out with that. I get to make sure everything’s set up and so on and so forth. I also expect to be out there in the parking lot, at some point. Yay.

And after that: Sunday is Flogging Molly! I have a ticket. Hopefully, I won’t be so wiped that I can’t go, but we’ll see. The good news there is, it’s just off the Green Line in DC. Getting home should be straightforward.

Flogging Molly coming to DC 09/26/21.

Tickets are not yet on sale. I can’t wait for them to be. It’s not whether or not I’m going to go see Flogging Molly: it’s a question on how much I’m going to spend. I don’t know if the VIP package is cost-effective, but by God it sounds attractive.

Moe Lane

PS: So does the 2022 cruise, but that’s a lot of money to spend on, well, me. I could publish another book for that kind of cash.