OK, the real question on the Kindle is…

…not whether I pick up a Kindle 2. I already know the answer to that one: I don’t, for a while (if ever).  The question becomes, do I pick up a Kindle 1? I mean, with any luck the price for one of those will go through the floor and I can think about purchasing one. On the other hand, it may not get that way for a while, so I might as well contemplate saving up my money and getting the better option.  On the gripping hand, I like books.  I also like the way that they work even when there’s no reliable source of electricity around.

Probably one of my readers has a Kindle: what do you folks think about them?

5 thoughts on “OK, the real question on the Kindle is…”

  1. “No Sir, I don’t like it”

    From what I’ve read, the kindle isn’t rugged enought for me. I know I’d break it. Besides, I like the feel of a book in my hands and sthe sense of owning a physical object.

  2. True points. However, one problem that I’m having with my physical book collection is that the SF/fantasy/horror paperbacks that make up so much of it are going to simply fall apart in the next two decades: they’re simply not meant to last, and if the prices of the e-book versions go down the way I expect them to it might make more sense for me to simply switch over. It’d certainly clear out large sections of my basement.

  3. I just love to hold a book. Kindle is just not something I can fall in love with. I can remember during my second stint in college (1990’s) holding a collection of Haggard’s work, including “King Solomon’s Mine”. The checkout date slips went all the way back to the 1930’s. I kept it for a month and enjoyed, not only the stories, but imagining all the people from other eras holding this same book and wondering what they were like. When your SciFi books wear out, replace them from a used bookstore. A day spent hunting through endless stacks is a day in glory. You won’t regret it.

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