Muckmaker Shauna Daly returning to DNC.

You may have remembered that Ms. Daly had been placed by the Obama White House last month in its counsel office, despite the fact that she has no actual legal credentials. It was widely assumed – justifiably, in my opinion – that this was due to the fact that she’s quite the political sheet-sniffer, which was apparently what the administration thought that it needed right now.

Apparently the DNC needs her more:

A Democratic operative whose hiring a month ago by the White House legal office raised conservative hackles is leaving to go back to work at the Democratic National Committee.

Shauna Daly, 29, will be the DNC’s research director, returning to the fast-paced realm of bare-knuckles politics that associates said suits her best.

The White House has not decided whether to replace her, a spokesman said.

Now, if I were a man with a nasty, suspicious mind, I might think that the real reason why this switch in personnel allocation took place is that somebody looked over the people running the 2010 election cycle, and decided that they agreed with me that Van Hollen’s in over his head and knows it, Menendez is in over his head and doesn’t know it, and that Kaine makes a mayo sandwich on white bread look exciting. In other words, now is not the time to take a character assassin out of the upcoming electoral brawl.

But I am of course no such thing, so I’m sure that there’s another reason for this.

Moe Lane

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