Come. Let me show you something that is WORSE than ‘no gift.’

Feast your eyes upon this horror.


For when you want to say Hi. Not only did I forget to get you something for Christmas, I don’t even care enough to pick out what piece of hyper-partisan junk to give you as a ‘present.’ So I’m just going to give you this gift card so that you can give your contact information to the Democratic National Committee.  And the best part? I thought that all of this was clever.

And for the love of God, RNC: don’t do this.  This is hideous.  It’s almost Hellish, only not in an excitingly transgressive way…

DNC is now deep, deep, DEEP in debt.

This… is kind of important.

The Democratic National Committee’s current debts outweigh the amount of cash it has on hand by more than $1.2 million, according to the group’s Wednesday filing with the Federal Election Committee.

The filing revealed that the DNC currently owes $6.7 million in debts and obligations that it cannot cover with the $5.5 million worth of cash it has on hand.

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DNC smacks down DNC vice chair Tusli Gabbard for going off-message on debates.

Oh, wow.  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard thinks that the Democratic party thinks that she’s people: “Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said she was disinvited from the first Democratic presidential primary debate in Nevada after she appeared on television and called for more face-offs.” At least, that’s the only reason that I can think of for her being upset at the way the DNC chastised her for speaking out of turn. Hasn’t anybody explained the rules to Rep. Gabbard yet? Continue reading DNC smacks down DNC vice chair Tusli Gabbard for going off-message on debates.

Err, yes, of COURSE the DNC is trying to get Hillary Clinton nominated.

Seriously, who doubts this?

Outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night, a few dozen protesters—some on Martin O’Malley’s payroll, some holding Martin O’Malley signs, others wearing Bernie Sanders T-shirts, and none supporting Lincoln Chafee—gathered to register their dissatisfaction with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s plan to host just six debates, compared to 26 in 2008.

It’s glaringly obvious, in fact. I understand why the DNC might pretend otherwise – but why is the Daily Beast humoring them in that regard? I mean; everybody here knows the score, right? If it’s this obvious to me, it’s got to be just as obvious to everyone else.

The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.

This situation has been a long time coming: “The cash-strapped Democratic National Committee has hired new fundraising chairs to beef up the party’s efforts to raise the money to compete with Republicans in 2016.” The basic problem for the Democrats here is that the DNC is heavily – heavilyin debt: as of June of this year it had 6.2 million in debt and 7.6 million in cash (the RNC has about 16.7 million in cash, 1.8 million in debt).  That would be a remarkable flip from this point in 2011, when the RNC was crawling out from under a crushing debt load and the DNC was… not. So, what happened? Continue reading The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.

Tweet of the Day, It’s Really Rather Sad edition.

So apparently there are people who want the DNC to schedule more Democratic debates, because… pain? Pain, and chaos, and stark despair as the crowd looks upon the assembled Democratic candidates and realize that this is all that there are. Anyway, there are a bunch of advocates for this particular Masochism Tango outside of DNC headquarters right now, and this is their war cry:

It’s not inexplicable at all, really. It’s what happens when you’ve been so rhetorically stunted by your own party that you can’t even express your distaste properly unless you reference the Recognized Hate Object. You end up making random non sequiturs.

The @DNC is apparently off doing dirty tricks politics on 9/11.

Everybody who’s shocked – no, don’t raise your hand. It’s not like any of us can see you, anyway. Still… why are people still capable of shock about this?

This is what those people do.

DNC nervously refuses to host more debates.

The wagons are being circled: “Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is closing the door on adding more Democratic presidential debates, and said a controversial clause penalizing candidates for participating in unsanctioned debates would stand.” The number will stay at 6, and never mind the complaints from inside the party. No, really, the Democratic leadership is determined to never mind them.

Before we go any further: that Hill article noted that there were two dozen or so primary debates in 2008, which does admittedly sound a bit high. Six, on the hand, is… well, if you weren’t really expecting to have a contested primary then I suppose six would have seemed like plenty. As it stands right now, though, the Democrats are perilously close to having a contested primary despite the fact that their only alternatives to Hillary Clinton are currently Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. As a former Democrat myself, the idea of that is giving me sympathy heartburn despite the fact that I want to see such a glorious trainwreck happen. Continue reading DNC nervously refuses to host more debates.

DNC trying to insulate itself from Iran disaster. Or maybe just Debbie Wasserman Schultz is.

Well, this is interesting: “Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz blocked consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting that would have praised President Obama and backed the his nuclear deal with Iran, The Washington Post reported Saturday, citing unnamed sources.” Probably irrelevant, but still interesting. It makes one wonder how the Iran deal is doing in the Democrats’ internal polling, at the very least. Continue reading DNC trying to insulate itself from Iran disaster. Or maybe just Debbie Wasserman Schultz is.

How I generally react to the latest DNC/DCCC lunatic fundraising emails.

Said lunatic fundraising emails always – especially when the GOP comes up – remind me of a joke I heard once:

So once in Czarist Russia there was this poor Jewish peasant who lived in a rural, poor, Jewish village.  One day the peasant decides to visit his best friend who lives next door. So he goes over, only to find his friend sitting there at his rickety table and reading an old newspaper put out by the anti-Semites in the big city.  It’s all about how the Jews do this, the Jews do that, the Jews own everything; and yet the peasant’s friend is still happily reading it.

The peasant looks at his friend in horror, then bursts out with “How can you read that rag?”

His friend looks up, looks at the shack, looks at the dirt floor, looks at the pathetic candle that’s his only light. “What? I always like to find out how well I’m doing.”