The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.

This situation has been a long time coming: “The cash-strapped Democratic National Committee has hired new fundraising chairs to beef up the party’s efforts to raise the money to compete with Republicans in 2016.” The basic problem for the Democrats here is that the DNC is heavily – heavilyin debt: as of June of this year it had 6.2 million in debt and 7.6 million in cash (the RNC has about 16.7 million in cash, 1.8 million in debt).  That would be a remarkable flip from this point in 2011, when the RNC was crawling out from under a crushing debt load and the DNC was… not. So, what happened? Continue reading The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.

Tweet of the Day, The Mayfly’s Quest For Immortality edition.

It’d be pretty funny if they actually believe this:


I mean, sure, ironically did not; but how many vanity labels survived?

…Actually, I have no idea. How many vanity labels have survived? At least one or two, surely.  – At any rate, nobody really expects OfA to be one of them.

Moe Lane

PS: Now watch: they’ll do it, just to spite me.

The Onion explains (obliquely) why Democrats should ignore #ofa’s #obamacare Thanksgiving advice.

Point (The Daily Caller):

America’s families will soon get their turkey, potatoes and cranberries at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners — but some will also get a tableside political pitch for the Obamacare insurance network.

President Barack Obama’s deputies at Organizing for Action are urging supporters to give an Obamacare pitch to their relatives during the most iconic of American family and religious events.

“Take advantage of downtime after meals or between holiday activities to start your talk,” says OFA’s marketing script, titled “Health Care for the Holidays.”

Counter-point (The Onion):

In an effort to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dinner with their relatives, siblings Jason, Alyssa, and Leslie Conroy reportedly sat down together Tuesday evening for a PowerPoint presentation covering all of the conversation topics that will be off-limits during the family’s Thanksgiving gathering. “As you can see here, we’re unsure whether or not cousin Jessica is actually college-bound, so we’re going to avoid that subject and stick to the key talking points listed in this table,” said Alyssa Conroy, 26, during the siblings’ 48-slide presentation, which reportedly featured pie charts breaking down the state and national voting histories of extended family members, as well as Venn diagrams illustrating what each relative knows about their father’s upcoming surgery.

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Tweet of the Day, Apparently #OFA Just Hates The Holidays edition.

…Seriously, don’t most families have a no-politics rule for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Mine does, more or less.


In the words of the immortal Shakespeare: sheesh, you guys.

…Do you know that he never actually said this?  Ever? Well, then.

Tweet of the Day, @OFA Realizes Just How Badly They Messed Up edition.

You gotta be KIDDING me:

Bad enough that they said it – and, by the way? That wasn’t much of a rally there, kids – worse that they thought that they could memory-hole it. Dudes: if that happens to you again, do what the folks last weekend asked the guy with the Confederate flag to do. Tell the idiot to put the stupidity artifact away.

Or not. Not my problem, either way.

Organizing for Action acting to avoid organizing over #Syria.

This should not surprise.

The awkward position in which progressive allies of President Barack Obama find themselves can be seen clearly in the actions of his former political arm, now called Organizing for Action, which despite the need for activists to lobby Congress to support the president’s call for military strikes, is essentially voting “present.”

Capitol Hill is all but singularly focused on Obama’s push for congressional authorization to use force in Syria, and the president has canceled a trip to California next week to devote his time and energy to lobbying lawmakers.

But in his weekly call with grassroots supporters, held this week on Tuesday, the executive director of OFA, Jon Carson, said of Syria, “OFA isn’t planning to actively organize on this with so much going on on other issues.”

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#OfA’s rather embarrassing Climate Change spluttering, in three tweets.

Well, this is embarrassing:

Not to mentioned, scrubbed:

Fortunately, the Internet is forever.

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An arbitrator has denied [Organizing for Action’s] effort to obtain the domain name, registered by a quick-moving computer technician in Castle Rock, Colo., on Jan. 18, when the news broke that Obama’s former advisors were launching the group.

Derek Bovard proceeded to configure the site so all the hits were directed to the website for the National Rifle Assn. It was one of three domain names for Organizing for Action that the group failed to register before it launched.

“If they don’t like it, they can buy it from me,” Bovard told the Los Angeles Times at the time.



Democratic party officials are wondering who the sucker is at the table.

Look it up.

Quick background: Organizing for America apparently has no intention whatsoever about sharing its data or resources with the Democratic party (I’d say ‘the rest of the Democratic party,’ except that’s an open question right now).  Ed Morrissey focused on the topline revelation there – which is a pretty honking huge topline – so I’ll note this:

Several DNC members said in interviews that they weren’t told about Organizing for Action’s formation until it was publicly announced in January. They said that when they’d complained, they were chastised and told by national and state party leaders not to speak publicly. Most spoke to McClatchy only on the condition of anonymity in order to talk candidly about the internal party dispute.

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OfA already starting to waste its ad budget?

So I hear that OfA (they’re Organizing for Action this nanosecond, right?) has decided that they felt like spending “close to six figures” in online ad buys to try to convince the following legislators to go along with the President’s vaguely plotted-out prelude to gun-grabbing:

Susan Collins
Kelly Ayotte
Patrick Meehan
David Valadao
Bill Young
Erik Paulsen
Jim Gerlach
Michael G Fitzpatrick
Buck McKeon
Gary Miller
David Joyce
Jeff Denham
John Kline
Daniel Webster
Robert Pittenger
Barack Obama
Mike Coffman

…Oh, dear.  I somehow managed to include the name of the President himself in that list.  I wonder why I did that?

Susan Collins 62%
Kelly Ayotte 60%
Patrick Meehan 60%
David Valadao 59%
Bill Young 58%
Erik Paulsen 58%
Jim Gerlach 57%
Michael G Fitzpatrick 57%
Buck McKeon 56%
Gary Miller 55%
David Joyce 54%
Jeff Denham 54%
John Kline 54%
Daniel Webster 52%
Robert Pittenger 52%
Barack Obama 51%
Mike Coffman 49%

Oh, right, because I had looked up all the popular vote percentages (rounding up) from the last election of each candidate being targeted, and was using Barack Obama’s 51%  in 2012 as a baseline.  Although ‘baseline’ may not exactly be the right term, in this context; it’s practically the floor.  Judging from that list, Rep. Coffman may or may not have to sweat a vote on background checks; but I somehow suspect that OfA isn’t going to otherwise particularly get any bang for its buck.

Not that it needs to.  OfA has always been about fueling the ego of Barack Obama; and now that he has won re-election… well, if you want to believe that OfA is now a bunch of ninja grassroots activists prepared to sweep the Right’s leg that’s your privilege.  Can’t say that I’m too impressed with their ability to move the Democratic downticket, though.