Tweet of the Day, Apparently #OFA Just Hates The Holidays edition.

…Seriously, don’t most families have a no-politics rule for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Mine does, more or less.


In the words of the immortal Shakespeare: sheesh, you guys.

…Do you know that he never actually said this?  Ever? Well, then.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Apparently #OFA Just Hates The Holidays edition.”

  1. This is really ripe for a Twitter takeover:

    Billy: Gosh dad, why is ObamaCare such a train wreck?
    Dad: Well, Billy, that’s what happens when a community organizer gets hired to be Chief Executive of the entire government. #ConversationsAboutHealthcare

  2. That’s right let’s talk about healthcare and how the Democrats ruined it for everybody! They passed a bill they said to cover those who didn’t have insurance and in their usual wrong headed way turned it into a law that stripped health insurance from a bunch of people who had it. So let’s indeed talk about healthcare! OFA will not like the end result of that conversation I guarantee you!

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