Kind of busy weekend this weekend.

A combination of getting Backerkit ready and trying to catch up on all the first edits for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION. And Thanksgiving week is gonna be weird this year, because I don’t know how much stuff the teachers are going to make the kids do before their half-days are over. If it was a normal month, I’d expect them not to be doing anything. As it is… :shrug:

But we go on. Have a good week this week, folks. Even if it gets aggravating. Things do continue on.


My, wasn’t that a fun little trip across Pennsylvania, trying to avoid the traffic congestion explosions? Why, yes. Yes, it was. All the fun in the goram world…

Chalk it up to the Principle of Conservation of Suck: there is a fixed amount of Suck in every trip. If you avoid Suck in one area, there will be an increase of Suck in other areas to compensate. So, since there was almost no Suck during the Thanksgiving visit itself, well…

Today is actually Thanksgiving for me…

…my father-in-law does Thanksgiving on Friday to allow everybody to get here in time and without undue fuss and feathers.  So I slept eleven and a half hours last night and am now ambling lazy about the compound.  There was bacon. Later, there will be roast turkey and homemade pies.  So I’m sure that you folks can carry on without me too much today.

Seriously, you should all be relaxing and eating turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches and eyeing the last of the pie anyway.  Enjoy!

And the running-around has started!

Schedule got completely warped by the battery thing, of course.  The best part of today was when we realized that we forgot to get dry cat food for the cat this weekend. So, of course I told my wife Sure, I’ll go to the supermarket.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. At night.


This was not the smartest thing that I have ever done, obviously.  I mean, it wasn’t a disaster – that one person didn’t actually try to strangle that other person who hadn’t seen the half-aisle long line for the self-checkout kiosks – but oh, dear.   The cashier for my purchase stopped dead cold afterward and said This was the easiest transaction I’ve done all day.  It’s a shame we don’t have tip jars for supermarket cashiers, because I would have given her one for that alone.

Driving tomorrow.  Yay!

Since a bunch of people are going to be traveling tomorrow…

…Happy Thanksgiving!  Expect desultory posting this weekend.  We’re doing the travel thing ourselves, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that the wi-fi’s going to be bad and I expect to be decompressing something fierce for once.  Heck, I don’t even know how long we’re staying: winter is going to be maybe making an early visit this weekend where we’re going.

So everybody drive safe, assuming that you’re stuck driving at all.