I am *so* thankful that Thanksgiving week is over.

It has been… a week. Plague, broken cars, missed vacation, kid’s birthday from Hell, my children are gonna be spending half the week keeping up their schooling from home… okay, that part is probably going to be all right. I still need a break from the break.

On the bright side: my sister-in-law responded to my appreciation of this brie cranberry pullapart bread thing with a, Did you want me to make this for Christmas? WHY YES, QUEEN OF IN-LAWS. I WOULD LIKE THAT, VERY MUCH. So I have that to look forward to in December.

So, my wife just casually threw together a complete Thanksgiving Day dinner…

…in a day, while I was in isolation. And I mean complete. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Dessert is apparently pumpkin pie and cinnamon bagel bread pudding with whiskey sauce, because when she gets to this level it’s easy for her to maintain it.

I obviously don’t want to be in isolation, but this makes it a lot more tolerable.

Tweet of the Day, Scenes From The Class Struggle In A McRib Assembly Video edition.

This video approaches the Line: yes, I admit it. But I’m letting it slide because McRib. Besides, the video also demonstrates just how much effort and planning goes into getting you your fast food sandwich. The Scotsman has had his stopwatch and time-motion analyses out for decades, folks; and by now you can really see the results. The tasty, tasty results.

Fun fact: the guy who made the video likely has more valuable life skills than the guy who put it on YouTube.

Via @JoePCunningham.

Tweet of the Day, I Ate At Arby’s edition.

Their new Wagyu Steakhouse Burger? It’s nice. Mind you, I don’t think it’s ‘Wagyu’ by any definition except the absolute minimum legal one necessary to avoid losing a lawsuit. But it still tasted pretty good!

Frankenberry Tarts.

Actually Blueberry Turnovers, but things got a little… weird. Starting with the fact that I used crescent dough, not puff pastry. In my defense I had not realized that you find the latter in the frozen food section.

Still, they tasted fine, if a bit sticky. We ate them all, right quick. That’s the important thing.

Present wrapping!

Done before Christmas Eve, too. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS

…Seriously, it’s weird to get this done ahead of time. Pleasant, but weird. But now we can spend tomorrow preparing for all the other stuff. Like the meal: Christmas dinner is going to be a New York Strip Roast. I didn’t want to do a standing rib roast because there’s only going to be the two of us eating it… and then I was seduced by the strip roast, because it looked so nice at the butcher’s, so what could I do but buy it uncut?

Now I have to convince myself not to get overly fancy with it. We have the roast, asparagus, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. That’s fine for Christmas dinner. That’s fine.

Early night tonight (Cookery suggestions welcome).

I’ve got a full weekend ahead; Halloween approaches, and we’re going to have a proper one this Sunday. Which means, among other things, that I need to come up with good snack food for the day. Something simple, harvest-style (not spooky-style), and with as little cooking as possible. I’d make a gallon of hot cider, but I’m the only one who’d be drinking it…