Tweet of the Day, I’d Buy It In Hardcover edition.

No question, straight up.

Adventures in Cookery: Honey Lemon Ginger Glazed Chicken.

Got the recipe from below:

Had to swap out the garlic for more ginger and lemon zest because my wife’s allergic, and the only garnish I had on it was the sesame seeds. Nonetheless, the picture is remarkably close to what I actually made. You’ll want to really oil the pan, though. Also: ‘easy to clean up’ is kind of a lie. It’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re trying to impress somebody, but it’s not a fire-and-forget kind of recipe.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We did grocery shopping for ours. The roads have been treacherous, you see, and it was a good idea for both of us to go so as to minimize the annoyance of it all. We also had a nice dinner of — I’m not sure what it was, officially. My wife took French fries and the last of the thanksgiving ham from the freezer, defrosted them, cooked them up in a skillet, heated the oven, then baked/broiled them still in the skillet with a heap of cheddar cheese on top.

Yeah, it came out real nice. No complaints from me, let me tell you. And perfect, for the kind of weather we’re having.

Let’s workshop this rum and cider drink!

I’m kind of avoiding writing tonight, for some reason; but I didn’t really need an excuse to use this…

…as an opportunity to throw together a hot rum and apple cider drink. Nothing fancy: shot of rum, apple cider, a touch of caramel syrup, a splash of lemon, and a little ground cinnamon and cloves. The whole thing worked fine as a rough-and-ready hot drink, with the emphasis on ‘rough.’ It had a bit of a bite to it, and I don’t think the caramel worked the way I wanted to. There should probably also been more cider, but I didn’t want to cool the drink.

Thoughts? The immediate one I had was adding one or more of orange and/or orange peel, nutmeg, and brown sugar. But I’m willing to entertain suggestions.


Or a pie. Pumpkin, and I have no idea how it came out. I got the recipe off of a can, because we’re doing Thanksgiving dinner on our own for maybe the first time since my youngest son was born and that means we have to make everything ourselves.

So… pies! (My wife made an apple upside down thing and we’re keen to see how that’ll go, too.)