Tweet of the Day, Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times, Yes edition.

I will not speak ill of other people’s decisions with regard to cranberry sauce. This is America. You do not need my permission to be wrong.

I have made a tactical error.

I allowed myself to be sucked into a Twitter discussion of the best general of the American Civil War.  If there is a better way to eat entire hours of time over a subject that nobody will ever, EVER give any ground on, I do not know what it is.  And I knew that going in, so I don’t even have an excuse.

Moe Lane

PS: Grant, of course.  Although General George Thomas is seriously underrated, even today.

I know that I’m going to regret asking this…

…but did this actually suck?

Homeland. Book One. the Dark Elf Trilogy

I assumed that it sucked, but it’s surprisingly being taken seriously by people and sites that I would not have expected to do so. So if you have a friend who has actually read it, feel free to give said friend’s opinion of it.