I know that I’m going to regret asking this…

…but did this actually suck?

Homeland. Book One. the Dark Elf Trilogy

I assumed that it sucked, but it’s surprisingly being taken seriously by people and sites that I would not have expected to do so. So if you have a friend who has actually read it, feel free to give said friend’s opinion of it.

9 thoughts on “I know that I’m going to regret asking this…”

  1. I’ve read… er, a Friend has read one of those books [maybe book 2 of the trilogy?], but it’s been a while. My impression at this point is: well written for a gaming book, darker than most D&D fiction, not something I have a burning desire to hunt down.

      1. Both this trilogy and the Icewind Dale trilogy were fairly decent – I probably liked the cleric quintet more though. Be aware that if you get this, and keep reading, you’ll eventually hit books that are terrible – Salvatore went through a patch in the late 90s where a couple of very bad books came out. I’ve been told by friends that they got better afterwards, but, well, life’s too short to read bad books and my backlog is ever growing, so you couldn’t prove it by me.

  2. I’ve read a few RA Salvatore books, just finally decided to read a few. I found it’s kinda a mixed bag, some are good, some are just plain awful.

  3. It’s actually pretty good.
    (Granted, I read it over 20 years ago, shortly after the Dragonlance trilogy ended, but before all the expanded stories surrounding the series. So there may well be an element of nostalgia involved.)
    It’s Drizzt’s origin story, before he gets completely ridiculous. Deadly, decadent political intrigue amongst the great houses of the drow, with a fairly naive dark elf who is not really feeling the whole “evil” thing trying to survive the machinations of nearly everyone around him.

  4. I have the entire series. A long time ago, I was looking for something new to read and someone suggested Drizzt. When I asked why he was cool, they said he was cool just because he’s Drizzt. After reading the entire series, I understand the sentiment. It’s good for a quick read series that sometimes touches on the deeper meanings. I didn’t always like the characters with him, but they were always colorful and original. You can get in as deep or as shallow as you like with the series which is probably it’s best selling point. I wasn’t too thrilled with the dark elf spin offs, but the original series and some of the later Drizzt books are just fun to read. I met RA Salvatore at a book signing and had him sign my hardcover copy of this book. He was awesome as a speaker as well.

  5. Yeah, it was actually pretty good. I quite liked the Icewind Dale trilogy as well as the Homeland trilogy that followed it. Later the series got goofier (although never to the extent that Greenwood’s stuff did) but the early books are pretty good.

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