Going off to try dry aged beef now (Buy my books!).

Dry aging is this process where they take meat and subject it to a specific humidity/temperature situation, at laboratory-levels of precision. It’s exactly as stupidly expensive as it sounds, but we got some combined Christmas/birthday money laid upon us, so why not? Gift money is fun money, without guilt or reason.

Still, buy my books! Just in case this stuff is addictive.

4 thoughts on “Going off to try dry aged beef now (Buy my books!).”

  1. Dry aging beef isn’t nearly as complicated as all that. You can do it in your fridge if you have the space and patience.

    Getting your hands on premium cuts of prime grade meat in the first place?
    That’s a much bigger challenge.

    Have fun! And a happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    If I were you, I would walk into the dry aged beef place and very nonchalantly say “Looks like I’m in the right place. Now…where’s the beef?”

    Ideally, the attendant would be much younger than me, so that the reference would fly right over his or her head, and I would derive a great deal of amusement from my own private joke.

    1. *I* enjoyed it a great deal; my wife thought it was pretty good. Alas, we arrived too late to get the tomahawk ribeye. My wife liked the potato more than I did, we both found the spring onions horribly, dangerously delicious (dietary issues), and the beer was excellent, as usual. I wouldn’t spend that money again, but I didn’t mind spending it on that.

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