Ah, the online tradition of bitter Thanksgiving screeds.

There was one person back in the old days who posted the same anguished cry for help, or at least an invitation to dinner, disguised as a not-very-good and not-especially-scathing indictment of early American history.  I’d link to it, except that I don’t remember who wrote it and I have better things to do than look it up.  Odd how the wheel keeps turning like that, huh? – Mind you, if I stopped blogging I’d be utterly forgotten within six months, tops.  That’s the way the photons propagate in a wave function.

Anyway, I was going to be cruel (which is not unusual) and only link to @amandacarpenter‘s succinct summary of this Thanksgiving-tastes-of-bitterness New York Times op-ed complaining about how the President pardons turkeys but lets people be executed, but then I remembered that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow; and while it’s not as charitable a holiday as Christmas is it is one of those days where we share.

So let me share some traffic with Mr. Smith, here: and I certainly hope that he had somewhere to go for Canadian Thanksgiving… what?  Oh, yes, the fellow’s operating out of some university or other in Montreal.  Which means that he’s either Canadian himself, or a bitter exile.  In either case, it’s mean to hope that Smith is not enjoying his possibly solitary existence…

Moe Lane