Ted Strickland’s (D) Senate bid gasping for cash.

The numbers are pretty entertaining: incumbent Rob Portman (R) raised almost eight million this year, with eleven million in the bank, while former governor Ted Strickland (D) raised about two and a half, with about a million and a half in the bank (Democratic primary challenger P.G. Sittenfeld has raised about half of that, and also has about half of that COH). As the Washington Free Beacon notes here, Strickland’s far behind both the short-term and long-term fundraising benchmarks that he was supposed to hit; I should also note that those numbers assume an uncontested primary. Strickland may not actually get one of those. Continue reading Ted Strickland’s (D) Senate bid gasping for cash.

The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.

This situation has been a long time coming: “The cash-strapped Democratic National Committee has hired new fundraising chairs to beef up the party’s efforts to raise the money to compete with Republicans in 2016.” The basic problem for the Democrats here is that the DNC is heavily – heavilyin debt: as of June of this year it had 6.2 million in debt and 7.6 million in cash (the RNC has about 16.7 million in cash, 1.8 million in debt).  That would be a remarkable flip from this point in 2011, when the RNC was crawling out from under a crushing debt load and the DNC was… not. So, what happened? Continue reading The DNC moves to separate itself from Hillary Clinton’s fundraising apparatus.


Seriously. If you are thinking about doing anything on Kickstarter or another crowd-funding site, go get that cup of coffee, drink it, and peruse this how-to guide. Somebody sat down and did the math on how to budget a project properly, and then showed us the math, and the advice offered was so freaking matter-of-fact competent that I went and ponied up for her Kickstarter on the spot. Seriously, that’s probably the most bang for my fifteen bucks that I’ve gotten in a while. If for no other reason that it told me what you should be thinking about when you’re thinking of running your own crowd-funding project.

Via @RichBurlew and @mariancall.

The Friday Last-Chance Update to the I Wish To Replace This Computer fundraising drive.

It’s an aesthetic thing: I assumed it’d take about two weeks to get a qualified success (ie, some freelancing checks would come in that would put it over the top). That I’d be able to generate the funds in five days is most gratifyingly surprising… and, of course, it makes the pledge drive kind of, you know, done. So I’m just going to formally end it at midnight tonight. I also put up a last-day stretch goal because, hey, all the cool kids are doing it and I figure that more RAM couldn’t hurt.

fundraising thermometer

The usual reminder about my Patreon account: at $60/month there’s going to be a short-short story every month. And, again: thanks, folks.

The Moe Lane February I Wish To Replace This Computer fundraising drive.

Yes, it’s that time again. Basically, I’m putting together existing funds, hopefully coming-in funds from freelance writing, and whatever else I can scrape up here for a replacement computer that possibly doesn’t wheeze all day whenever I ask it to do more than 15 fps.  I figure that $750 or so should more or less do it, but I certainly wouldn’t mind more bells and whistles.

As the below chart shows, I have already made a start to this,

fundraising thermometer

…but what the heck: time to rattle the tip jar.

There’s also an update on my Patreon account: short version is, I put up an original short-short story for Patrons only. That notification will probably get its own post, but you gotta flood the zone on this stuff.

Not to pile on in Iowa-Senate… no, wait, I want to. Joni Ernst brings the fundraising thunder.

Good news.

Today, the Joni Ernst for Senate campaign announced that it raised approximately $6 million in the third quarter, more than doubling the total raised by her opponent, Congressman Bruce Braley, and setting an all-time Iowa record for the amount raised by a statewide candidate in one quarter.

Via Jim Geraghty. Jim notes that killing it in the fundraising isn’t the deal-sealer that it has been in the past – but it doesn’t hurt, either. More polling tomorrow; interesting to see whether Braley will get any good news out of it.  Lord knows that the man hasn’t had any lately…

Tweet of the Day, Chris Christie Ain’t Going Nowhere edition.

If Chris Christie is raising this kind of money (and he is)…


…the RGA isn’t about to mess with that. This is not a bad year to be a Republican governor, per se: but it’s an important year, and there are a LOT of important races on the table. If the RGA can lock in its wins, we will ensure that we have a fantastic bench for Republican candidates for the next decade. Six million bucks in a month is not the least compelling argument in the world.

Moe Lane

#rsrh GOP raises a remarkable 171 million to Democrats’ 181 million in September.

Via email comes this announcement of a nice little haul for the campaign:

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President, Romney Victory, and the Republican National Committee announced fundraising totals of over $170.4 million in September. The campaign, RNC and state party participants have approximately $191 million cash on hand.

Not that you’d know if from ABC’s Emily Friedman, which inexplicably decided to simply report the 140 million that Mitt Romney raised on his own, then compare it to the total 181 million that Obama AND the Democrats raised in September.  Note that I am politely assuming (solely for the purposes of this discussion) that a significant portion of that money wasn’t illegally collected (this link might be of interest); even with that assumption, well. Ten million at this level gets Barry the win at the fundraising race, and not a darned thing otherwise.  It certainly won’t keep Romney from matching Obama buck for buck, for the rest of the campaign.  Which is something that the vaunted Obama for America campaign never contemplated happening, of course.

Also: D+9 race, my eye.